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High Quality Design, Efficient Irrigation

The 9500P center pivot is the most durable, rugged and longest-lasting member of the Zimmatic pivot  family. Ideally suited for the roughest terrain, the longest systems and applications that require the most robust pivot point and pipeline structure.

  • 15% thicker pipeline for additional strength and stability – the most  substantial in the industry
  • Formed sprinkler outlets are part of the pipeline, ensuring precisely matched threads for a watertight seal. Traditional welded-on couplings can result in leakage and rusting
  • Exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connector features components that are mounted externally to eliminate flow restriction
  • Unique split coupler encloses an inner rubber boot that ensures a solid watertight connection
  • Standard, medium, high and ultra-high clearance options to fit a variety of crops
  • The industry’s fastest standard center drive – completes a circle in under 13 hours compared to others’ 16-hour rotation speed
  • Custom sprinkler packages
  • Full flow collector ring
  • Larger, stronger materials
  • Available with 9500CC Custom Corner arm

9500CC Custom Corner – Pivot Brochure  –>  Optimized irrigation, maximum water uniformity

  With its unique ability to create a custom irrigation program based on your field’s characteristics, the 9500CC Custom Corner system delivers application rates with the same uniformity you get from your center pivot.
  • Increase yields through more uniform application
The 9500CC uses a pulsing sprinkler system to provide a more uniform rate of application, which typically results in improved plant yield, growth and quality. With the 9500CC, you’ll see application rates similar to those of a center pivot machine.
  • Experience enhanced reliability
The 9500CC improves upon its predecessor’s impressive record of reliability with features such as an exclusive hose-free joint that virtually eliminates leaking, while reducing friction loss to near zero. In addition, the 9500CC’s structural components are common to Zimmatic® by Lindsay center pivots, allowing interchangeability.
  • Bring more acres under irrigation
The 9500CC’s steerable corner arm has a maximum extended reach of 280 feet (85.3 m). Depending on field shape, this extra reach allows you to bring between 23 and 51 more acres (9-21 ha) under irrigation, effectively  increasing production without having to purchase additional land.
  • Save time and labor
As simple to operate as a standard pivot, the 9500CC is managed via the  main pivot’s Growsmart® by Lindsay control panel. The steerable corner can be operated by a single person and requires virtually no labor input after the initial setup. With no pipes to install before planting or to remove after harvest, the 9500CC’s ease of operation will come as a pleasant surprise for those relying on other forms of  supplemental irrigation.
  • Experience legendary Zimmatic durability
Features such as vertically aligned, stainless steel inlets and outlets, and a pivoting joint that allows both lead and lag rotation identify the 9500CC as a true Zimmatic.
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8500 Series Pivot


  • Attractive, uniformly arching span
  • Updated, proven design
  • Industry leading materials
  • Available with Zimmatic corner arm
  • Competitive 12-gauge pipeline
  • Multiple span length and towerheight options
  • Engineered for value
  • Optional compact pivot point for economical installation, and built to fit other brand’s pads
  • No restrictions on machine length
  • Backed by complete Zimmatic warranty
  • High tensile strength 11/16-inch truss rods
  • 8500P exclusive truss design and truss rod pockets
  • Composite split coupler
  • Full complement of tower options – low, standard, medium or
  • high-clearance
  • Crossed tower braces provide more support for torsional loads
  • Full flow collector ring
  • Zimmatic’s exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connection offers full support, stress-free flexibility and external design to eliminate flow restriction




  •  Quality Zimmatic components for lasting durability. The 7500P features our exclusive
  • truss design, truss rod pocket and crossed tower braces for added support, as well as smaller pipeline diameter and lighter components, resulting in a compact, high-strength system.
  • Zimmatic span pipe; the 7500P’s pipes and tower joints have been manufactured to meet the Zimmatic standard of quality and tested for durability. Made of long-lasting high tensile strength steel, the pipes feature Zimmatic’s exclusive flow-drilled outlets for increased strength and uniformity.
  • With a full 10½-ft (3.2 m) crop clearance, the 7500P’s spans are ready to traverse the most challenging tall cropping conditions.
  • The 7500P pivot point provides four full-length legs strengthened by numerous cross ties to provide a stable base.
  • Zimmatic’s exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connection offers full support, stress-free flexibility and external design to eliminate flow restriction.
  • The 7500P comes standard with our AT Gearbox, which features externally gusseted bell housing and the industry’s largest expansion chamber.
  • The AT Gearbox’s output shaft is shorter than the competition, which eliminates overhang load on bearings.
  • Structure designed with optimal strength. Durable alloy steel increases strength, decreases weight and maintains the structural integrity of your system.
  • The collector ring is mounted externally, eliminating water flow restriction
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