Air Cooled Engine Drive

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Pumper & Pumper Plus Air-Cooled Gas Engine Drive Pumps Series

The BERKELEY Pumper and Pumper Plus series pumps are robust, versatile and designed for portability, typically where electrical power is not readily available.


Typical Applications Include:

Tank Filling General Water Transfer
Irrigation Boom Spray
Chemical Solution Transfer Dewatering



PRO-Source® Self-Priming Air-Cooled Gas Engine Drive Series

Our PRO-Source® lightweight, corrosion resistant, engineered composite pump construction make this engine-driven pump extremely versatile for applications where electrical power is not available.
Applications incude:

– Water Transfer and Supply

– Sprinkler Turf Irrigation

– Dewatering

– Fire Protection

-Agriculture, Light Commercial and Marine



Engine-Driven Self-Priming Pump Series

These engine-driven centrifugal pumps can be used where electrical power is not available.  Powerful 4-cycle gasoline engines get the job done faster and more efficiently.


High-Pressure Air-Cooled Gas Engine Drive Series

 Engine Drive for Mobile Mounting – incorporates a selected group of high-pressure, engine driven units with special design features and operating characteristics. All models produce high pressure-flow characteristics for stable operation. High discharge pressure provide for long hose lays, or steep up-hill pumping situations, with ample residual pressure at nozzle to generate the high velocities required for flat stream trajectory and effective penetration. The flow rate ranges accomodate teh several truck size installations most commonly used in the field.