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Precision VRI


Precision Variable Rate irrigation (VRI) applies exactly the right amount of water/chemical to each foot/meter of the field. This maximizes yields and profitability. This precision allows you and your Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer to customize an irrigation application to your specific topography, soil type and crop maximizing output while reducing input costs.

Why Precision VRI?

This technology allows you to apply exactly the right amount of water or chemicals to each area of your field–giving you full control over each square foot to maximize yield and profitability .As a leader and pioneer in irrigation technology, Growsmart ® by Lindsay is uniquely positioned to provide this powerful  yet simple solution

 Benefits of VRI Pinpoint irrigation

  • Easy to use – saves time
  • Efficient watering
    • Customized to specific field needs
    • Different application rates for different soils or crops saves water, energy and fertilizer/chemicals
    • Reduces over watering on laterals and part circle pivots
    • Saves water as individual sprinklers or zones can be turned off over tracks, drains, creeks, bridges etc.
    • Decreases and eliminates watering in low or flooded areas.
    • Reduces leaching and  runoffs on tighter soil areas
    • Less track maintenance

Precision VRI Video


How It Works

Field-specific agronomic data readings form the foundation of the irrigation plan. Multiple custom application zones can be defined by clicking certain GPS coordinates on the field map or by importing coordinates from a handheld GPS device. After the agronomic maps are complete, the color-coding and labels make it easy to specify the right application depths for each area of the field. Precision VRI allows you to define the application rates to generate the pinpoint application plan that’s perfect for your field. It can easily be modified at any time. Once the plan is loaded onto the VRI controller, it is ready to apply. The VRI controller reads the plan and sends a message to wireless nodes along the length of the pivot. Nodes control each individual sprinkler to turn on or off, or pulsate according to field position and desired application rate. Each sprinkler is controlled by a field-proven magnetic latching solenoid valve that’s built to last.

Why Precision VRI is better

Unlike other VRI systems, Precision VRI from Lindsay provides up to 30% more irrigated coverage. The custom application tool allows you to define infinite number of Flexible areas, and Precision VRI there’s no restriction on size or shape. Some other VRI systems are limited to 30 control segments

  • Very easy to program especially with the support of the local Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer
  • No limits on application segments, the longer the pivot the greater the accuracy with precision VRI versus other VRI systems
  • Infinite application areas, create more than 47,000 application areas
  • Custom application areas. Your field is not a grid as depicted by other VRI systems, Precision VRI can customize application areas in any shape or size on any part of your field.
  • Avoid in-season re-nozzling. Easily define plans that compensate for decreasing water availability
  • Flexible. Works on all brands of both pivot and laterals