Plug-n-Play Add-Ons

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Plug-n-Play Add-Ons

Growsmart Sensors

  Growsmart provides a growing hardware suite of plug-n-play sensors that are the eyes and ears in your field.  Plug-n-Play sensors help growers utilize best management practices that lower operating costs through efficient use of labor, energy, and water.




  • Soil water monitoring with proven sensors
  • Professional grade weather station solutions
  • Accurate, low-maintenance tipping rain buckets, other weather station monitoring includes:
    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Solar radiation
    • ET (Calculated on FieldNET)


Plug-n-Play Add-Ons


FieldNET Management Software

  FieldNET is a web-based platform to remotely manage every aspect of your irrigation operation.  FieldNET becomes the management tool that growers trust to show an insightful status summary, provide quickly and easy control, and alert on conditions that are deemed important.





FieldNET Web Portal:

  • Monitor soil moisture and weather using a powerful and easy graphical user interface
  • Run in-season and post-season reports
  • SMS text messages keep you informed to the status of every aspect of the operation

FieldNET Mobile:

  • Quick, easy status of sensors and other equipment.
  • Stay informed and make quick irrigation adjustments.

RTU Communication Options:

  • Cellular (available where certified)
  • License free spread spectrum (available where certified)

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Create a Plug-n-Play Pump Station

With FieldNET, you can control your your pumps and monitor important information with a configurable dashboard.

Soil Moisture





Temperature Alert


Pump Station


On/Off Control








Power Usage




Intruder Detection


Monitor a Relay





What do the colors mean?

  • Green = Normal
  • Red = Alert
  • Blue = Pump Station Running
  • Gray = Off