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FieldNET Apps

FieldNET Mobile – Convenient, control and monitoring – in the palm of your hand

  • FieldNET Mobile apps for major smartphone and tablets combine the benefits and timesaving innovation of FieldNET with the convenience of Web-enabled tablets.
  • FieldNET Mobile gives you what you need in real time.  Featuring an easy-to-use interface allowing users to monitor and control irrigation equipment from virtually anywhere.

Where can you get FieldNET Mobile?

Click here to find FieldNET Mobile for iPhones and iPads.

Click here to find FieldNET Mobile in Android’s Google Play store.

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FieldNET Mobile mapview

Map View

Map view provides at a glance insights of operation status so users can see the whole operation.

Would you like to provide access to other people that help your operations? No problem, you can simply provide them their own secure username and password to access only the equipment you choose them to see. In addition, you can restrict control by allowing them read-only privileges.

Your phone or tablets “locate me” feature shows your location on the map view. This can be very helpful for part time helpers, people that deliver chemicals, field scouts, etc.



FieldNET Mobile pivot dashboard

Pivot and Lateral Monitoring and Control

Quickly control pivots and laterals. A wizard guides users through the selection of control options. Monitor the following for pivots and laterals:

  • Operational status
  • Irrigation start location
  • Current location in the field
  • Irrigation stop location
  • Pressure, flow, and runtime


Control pivots and laterals.

  • Start, Stop, and change Direction
  • Adjust irrigation rates
  • Control water on and off
  • Set automatic stop position

FieldNET Mobile Watertronics pump station dashboard

Pump Station Monitor and Control

View pump stations status and control pumps.

  • Monitor pressure
  • Monitor flow
  • Monitor inlet pressure
  • Monitor water level
  • Monitor power usage