Remote Pivot&Pump Control

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Remote Pivot Control

FieldNET provides the most comprehensive options to remotely control entire irrigation systems – from pivots and laterals to pumps and sensors.  Fast and user-friendly, FieldNET provides integrated water, fertilizer, and chemical controls for pivots and laterals.

  • Configure and adjust pivots and laterals with ease
  • Full control with Zimmatic’s BOSS and VISION pivot controllers
  • Programmable lateral control with the new VISION for lateral controller
  • Monitor pivots that do not have Zimmatic controllers for basic needs – OR Enhance older pivots with FieldNET PRO to add more programmable control and GPS position
  • Insightful pivot and lateral status icons keep you informed

Remote Pivot Control

Premier Control

Enhance your irrigation management with full control with the power VISION and BOSS controllers. FieldNET lets you view all of your pivots and laterals simultaneously, giving you a clear, comprehensive update on the status of all your irrigation equipment. Clicking or tapping on a pivot or lateral then takes you to a dashboard for more in-depth control and monitoring.




Remote Pivot Control


Stay informed with text message alerts to notify you right when things happen so you can make adjustments on the fly.  It all adds up to less time in the the field checking the operation of pivots and laterals.






Remote Pivot Control


FieldNET can monitor and record everything from water and energy usage to rainfall and temperature. It provides valuable information and trending to make better decisions and have greater control of your operations




Remote Pump Control

An integrated control system utilizing advanced, user-friendly controls to maximize labor, water and energy savings.


Watertronic’s innovative controls maximize the efficiency of your complete irrigation system. Whether it is a new or existing pump system, single or multiple pump operation, Watertronics can provide a customized pump control solution for almost any agricultural irrigation system.

FieldNET is a web-based service that allows you to remotely monitor and control your pumps for greater convenience and savings.

Water, labor and energy costs are lowered especially if it is combined with FieldNET for a completely integrated control system. In some cases you may save up to 75% of the labor and fuel it takes to physically check operations.

FieldNET is an excellent irrigation management tool that provides a complete view of every pivot or lateral connected to your pump station (see picture below).

In addition, its status and alert features keep growers informed on system operation. This real-time system allows you to better prioritize irrigation scheduling for greater efficiency.

Innovative Dynamic Demand Control (DDC) groups pivots iwth pump stations to reduce energy costs through powerful information sharing between the pivots and the pump station. FieldNET can automatically adjust pump station pressure setpoints to best match demand from the pivots that are irrigating.  Pumps are always operated at the most energy-efficient setpoint and then automatically sequenced to effectively meet demand.

The sequencing of pumps also increases pump life by evenly spreading the workload among all pumps for greater return on investment.