Soil Moisture Monitoring

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Soil moisture monitoring is available on FieldNET using the integrated Growsmart plug-n-play Soil Water Station and probes.

Soil Moisture Monitoring Benefits

Soil water plays a critical role in the life of plants.  They need adequate water to develop a strong root system and for cooling themselves.  Irrigation is about proper timing and maintaining the available water at the appropriate amounts.  When soil water drops below proper levels, crop stress develops that lead to loss of both crop quality and yield.  Over irrigation contributes to erosion, loss of nutrients and increase input costs.

Continuous monitoring can make a difference.  FieldNET keeps track of soil water levels and local weather conditions to provide objective criteria for irrigation decisions. That means growers can make informed decisions to help ensure irrigation is applied at the right time.  The benefits include;

  • Minimize water stress to plants
  • Maximize potential yield
  • Reduce operation costs

Soil Water Icons

FieldNET Icons provide at-a-glance status.

  • Green icons represent the soil moisture level is where you want it.
  • Red icons alert you to too configurable too dry or too wet limits.

Text messages and email alerts keep you informed with alerts sent directly to your phone.


New FieldNET Integrated Soil Water Monitoring

Managing every aspect of your irrigation operation has never been easier.

FieldNET Mobile (shown to the left):

  • Check the status of your fields soil moisture quickly and easily
  • Stay informed to issues
  • Make irrigation adjustments on the fly with ease

FieldNET Web portal:

  • Easy graphical user interface
  • Full access to sensor configuration
  • Run historical graphs for in-season and post-season reports of soil water trends