Weather Monitoring

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Weather monitoring is available on FieldNET using the integrated Growsmart plug-n-play Weather Station.

Weather Monitoring Benefits

Rainfall, for example, can vary greatly from location to location within your operation.  Even over short distances, rainfall could have significant variations.  Weather patterns can affect yield.  Knowing these patterns can assist a growers response on how they irrigate individual fields.

Continuous monitoring can make a difference.  FieldNET keeps track of;

  • Precipitation
  • Air temperature (min, max, avg)
  • Relative humidity
  • Wind speed & direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Calculated ET

Monitor daily rainfall & the accumulation for the season

Weather Station Dashboard

See the lastest weather report and view trending charts for all the sensors on the station. You can run all the features on your iPad or laptop’s browser.

Weather Monitoring

New FieldNET Integrated Weather Monitoring

Managing every aspect of your irrigation operation has never been easier.

FieldNET Mobile (shown to the left):

  • Check the status of your weather quickly and easily
  • Stay informed to issues
  • Make irrigation adjustments on the fly with ease

FieldNET Web portal:

  • Easy graphical user interface
  • Full access to sensor configuration
  • Run historical graphs for in-season and post-season daily weather reports