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Basic Inject

GrowSmart’s Basic Inject is an entry-level system that allows you to chemigate your crops using an existing mechanical move irrigation system. Reliable and economical, the Basic Inject will help you better manage your chemical resources.

Basic Inject Features:

  • Compatibility with any existing pivot system
  • Entry-level price and high quality Chemigation system, affordable yet reliable
  • Low-volume injection rates
  • Chemically resistant wetted parts
  • Fewer moving parts in hydraulically balanced diaphragm pump means less maintenance than packed-plunger type pumps
  • Simple manual-rate adjustment with micrometer dial while system is running or stopped
  • Variable oil-bypass stroke adjustment allows better valve performance than linkage designs
  • Unique suction-and-discharge valves can be replaced without disturbing piping, less downtime and lower maintenance costs


Hydra Inject

Managing chemical and fertilizer resources is now easier than ever thanks to GrowSmart’s Hydra Inject line of powerful and versatile chemical injection systems. Hydra Inject advantages include easy operation, precise application and built-to-last durability––in addition to an innovative design that provides the widest range of application rates.

Friendly Chemigation Control

  • Easy control and set up
  • Triple-diaphragm pump provides pulse-free flow for more precise adjustments of injection rates
  • Quick-disconnect hoses for operator convenience
  • Unique pump design

Hydra Inject

Versatile Chemigation Management

  • The widest range of application rates for both fertilizer and chemical requirements in one system
  • Flexibility to chemigate on your own schedule
  • Use with a BOSS control panel for advanced area prescription and automated startup and shutdown

Hydra Inject

Powerful Chemigation Management

  • Built-in safety features for reliable and accurate performance
  • Integration with Zimmatic control systems provides monitoring for regulatory requirements and the easiest management for frequent and precise application needs
  • Add GrowSmart’s soil moisture system to reduce wasteful leaching of nutrients past the crop’s root zone

Hydra Inject

Future Expandability

  • The Hydra Inject series offers three lines to precisely match your irrigation system and application needs – in addition, special models are available for the application of gypsum or acids for pH control
  • Receive shutdown announcements via cell phone by adding Voice Command or Online Control