Ag-Rain Water-Reels

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About the Ag-Rain Series:

Ag-Rain Main Brochure

agoverviewAg-Rain Water-Reels are a versatile solution to your agricultural, turf, or waste disposal needs. Ag-Rain travelers come in a wide variety of lengths and tube diameters to fit your need. Our machines retract using either a highly efficient water-powered turbine (T Models) which utilizes the water pressure to retract the gun or for low-pressure applications or situations where solids are present in the water, gas-powered Engine Drive (E Models) are also available.



Choose Your Model by Chassis Size or Tube Length & Diameter:

Below is a chart of the chassis sizes and tube diameters and lengths for the Ag-Rain Series.


MODEL T/E 23X720

MODEL T/E 27X980

MODEL T/E 30X660

MODEL T/E 30X980

MODEL T/E 30X1200

MODEL T/E 33X1120

MODEL T/E 37X1080

MODEL T/E 37X1220

MODEL T/E 40X1250

MODEL T/E 40X1320

MODEL T/E 41X1476

MODEL T/E 45X1150

MODEL T/E 45X1250