9500 Series Pivots

The 9500P center pivot is the most durable, rugged and longest-lasting member of the Zimmatic pivot family. Ideally suited for the roughest terrain, the longest systems and applications that require the most robust pivot point and pipeline structure. More »

9500CC Custom Corner

With its unique ability to create a custom irrigation program based on your field’s characteristics, the 9500CC Custom Corner system delivers application rates with the same uniformity you get from your center pivot. More »

Irrigation Control Systems

Save time, money and chemicals with an easy to use irrigation control panel featuring Growsmart technology. You can use controllers in any field condition, whether you have uneven terrain, varying soil types or are growing multiple crops. More »



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At New-Way Irrigation we offer a variety of choices in panels. Whether you are looking for full automation, or a starter solution that will last for years to come, we have the panel that is perfect for you. Our computer panels come internet ready for use with our Fieldnet system, allowing you to control your pivot from anywhere. Call us for pricing and get ready to focus on what matters most to you, instead of wondering what your pivot is up to.

FieldBASIC Control Panel control 2 control panel

Housed in a rugged, waterproof cabinet, FieldBASIC provides easy-to-use, reliable service under the  toughest conditions.
• LED system indicators guide you through start-up and provide instant information
• Easily start, change direction and turn water supply on or off with intuitive pump and direction controls
• Solid-state percentage timer precisely controls speed
• Easy-to-read voltage monitor provides real-time power status
FieldBASIC Options
• Automatic shutdown
• Automatic reverse
• Automatic power restart
• Low-temperature shutdown
• Accessory interface
• Magnetic water meter for enhanced capabilities and increased regulatory compliance

FieldVISION Control Panel

The FieldVISION control panel
The FieldVISION control panel provides all of the information you need at a glance — with all of the advanced features you want to make irrigation easy and efficient.
• See the field boundary for your pivot and immediately know pivot location and proximity to boundaries or stops.
• Informative display makes irrigation management easier than ever.
• Quickly view your pivot’s operational status.
• Stop the pivot, change direction, control water or an accessory, change the application rate, or set a programmable stop.
• Easily navigate menus using an interface similar to your cell phone or TV remotes.
Additional Benefits
• Save time and labor by reducing trips to the field
• Informative status displays reduce service calls and downtime
• Includes multilingual and metric capabilities
• Modular with expandable options

FieldBOSS Control Panel

This top-of-the-line irrigation management system helps you establish position accuracy and repeatability for precise control of irrigation, chemigation, and other accessories– all crucial for resource conservation and increasing efficiency.
• EZ Plan feature gives fast access to commonly used scheduling options
• Water delivery can be tailored to specific crop requirements
• Application rates can be adjusted to match soil water-holding capacity, reducing the chance of over-application
• Four accessory options allow more chemigation, fertigation and end gun controls
• Scheduling option allows for easy customization of irrigation programs for multiple crops, part circles, variable soil conditions or uneven terrain
• Self-diagnostic function uncovers problems and minimizes downtime
• Depending on use, the FieldBOSS panel can help you conserve energy, minimize leaching and reduce chemical and labor input.