Irrigation Design

Profitability in farming relies heavily on how crops are watered, but since every field is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all irrigation solution. That’s where custom design comes in.

Our multidisciplinary team of irrigation specialists, engineers and agronomists consider site-specific factors such as crop type(s), soil and weather conditions, water source and budget to design an irrigation system that supports optimal crop health and operational sustainability.

The ZIMMATIC® 9500 Series

The Zimmatic® 9500 pivot series leads the industry in long-lasting design and operation. No other brand features larger, stronger tower legs and the thickest pipeline on the market. From robust construction to the innovative structure and components, the Zimmatic® 9500 series offers reliability season after season. These irrigation systems consistently provide proven results in varying terrain and cropping situations and are built to deliver trouble-free operation even in the most challenging environments. Choose your pivot point, spans, tower structure, driveline, control panel and add-ons for a custom system.

The ZIMMATIC® 8500 Series

Lindsay’s Zimmatic® 8500P center pivot provides incredible value for your operation. Combining state-of-the-art engineering design processes with the latest in material science, the 8500P center pivot features a 12-guage pipeline in a high-strength machine you can trust to provide you with consistent irrigation for many years.


The Zimmatic® 9500CC is the most technologically advanced corner system on the market. With its SmartChip technology, it provides you with more uniform application throughout the field – because unlike competing corner systems – the 9500CC actually adapts to the various unique characteristics of your field.

ZIMMATIC® Lateral 9500L

The design of Zimmatic’s® lateral move systems allows farmers to irrigate up to 98 percent of square or rectangular fields. With a choice of water supply and guidance systems, each lateral move system can be customized to individual needs and situations.

Two or four wheel carts are available, depending on system requirements. Power can be supplied by an onboard diesel and generator set as well as an onboard pump for ditch-fed systems. Commercial power can also be delivered through a heavy-duty, mining-type cable. Zimmatic® lateral move irrigation systems can be guided by furrow, above-ground cable or buried-cable methods.

ZIMMATIC® Pivot 7500P

The 7500P Small Field Pivot provides a new option for growers- and a new way to cost-effectively irrigate smaller fields up to 24 ha (57 feddans). With its smaller diameter pipeline of 11.4 cm and 3.2m crop clearance, the 7500P provides the height needed to irrigate taller crops and the strength you’ve come to expect from Zimmatic® by Lindsay irrigation systems. At a lower cost per ha, the 7500P will help you maximize coverage while minimizing costs.

FieldNET Pivot Control

The FieldNET remote irrigation management solution by Lindsay makes it simple to access and control pivots at any time and from any location using most smartphones and tablets. It offers control of pivots, pumps and accessories as well as monitoring of pressure, flow, rainfall, temperature and other sensors for better decision-making. Its remote diagnostic capabilities also streamline service and support when needed. This system can be installed in any electric centre pivot, regardless of brand or age.

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