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Hoses & Reels


Kifco is a leading provider of travelling irrigation systems in North America, and we’re proud to carry their brand at New-Way Irrigation. Kifco’s irrigation travellers meet the needs of most applications, including recreational turf, dust suppression management on construction sites, horse arenas and feedlots, as well as agricultural irrigation.

Cadman Irrigation Travellers

Cadman Irrigation Travellers offer an efficient way to deliver large volumes of water to fields and crops. Several models are available, with hose lengths ranging from 350 to 2250 feet and hose rates from 8 to 900 GPM. Our team can help you choose the model that will work best for your needs.

BAUER Irrigation Reels

BAUER hose reel irrigators are easy to operate and known for their robust construction, easy handling, optimal output and innovative technology. These reels are built for a long service life, even in extreme environmental conditions. With numerous models to choose from, we can help you determine the BAUER reels that work best for you.

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