Fieldnet Pivot Control – Many growers today are challenged by operating multiple types of pivot control panels that all have a different look. Pivot Control by FieldNET is an innovative controller designed to retrofit almost any existing electric pivot brand and create one universal look and feel. Pivot Control can change the way growers manage their entire irrigation system with this single easy-to-use platform.

Fieldnet Pivot Control Lite – The newest addition to the Pivot Control family, Pivot Control Lite is an economical end-of-pivot mounted controller designed to retrofit existing electric pivot brands. This product trades some control capabilities like remote start and remote control of the pump operation to provide a simple, lower cost option for growers that mainly want to monitor and stop their pivots.

The innovative, patent-pending design allows users to continue to utilize all the features of their existing in-field control panel (mechanical or digital) while adding remote monitoring and control, without the worry of the application depth control issues common in other end-of-pivot mounted solutions.

Fieldnet Boss and Vision – Premier Control

Enhance your irrigation management and enable full control with the power of your BOSS and VISION panels.  FieldNET lets you view all of your pivots and laterals simultaneously, giving you a clear, comprehensive update on the status of all your irrigation equipment.  Clicking or tapping on a pivot or lateral takes you to a dashboard for more-in-depth control and monitoring,

Variable Rate Irrigation

Precision VRI allows you to apply exactly the right amount of water to specific areas under your irrigator.  It accomplishes this through a series of wireless nodes that control solenoid valves on individual sprinklers that pulse the sprinkler on and off based on the desired application depth.  Each nozzle can be controlled individually giving you the most dynamic and precise application.  VRI plans can be created to vary application depth depending on soil type, crop type and/or unproductive or non-crop areas.

VRI/Variable Rate Irrigation – Lindsay Corporation has announced that it now offers Growsmart® by Lindsay Precision VRI with FieldNET® to provide complete remote pivot management with VRI control, monitoring and reporting.

With Precision VRI, growers can apply a precise amount of water or chemicals over multiple crops, soil types and terrains.  When integrated with FieldNET remote management, growers have the ability to easily create and manage irrigation plans. Multiple users can be added with controlled access.  Using FieldNET’s web-based platform you can customize water application and manage VRI remotely.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring is available on FieldNET using the integrated Growsmart plug-n-play Soil Water Station and probes.

Soil Moisture Monitoring Benefits

Soil water plays a critical role in the life of plants.  They need adequate water to develop a strong root system and for cooling themselves.  Irrigation is about proper timing and maintaining the available water at the appropriate amounts.  When soil water drops below proper levels, crop stress develops that lead to loss of both crop quality and yield.  Over irrigation contributes to erosion, loss of nutrients and increase input costs.

Continuous monitoring can make a difference.  FieldNET keeps track of soil water levels and local weather conditions to provide objective criteria for irrigation decisions. That means growers can make informed decisions to help ensure irrigation is applied at the right time.  The benefits include;

– Minimize water stress to plants
– Maximize potential yield
– Reduce operation costs

IM3000 Flow Meter

Compared to propeller flow meters, the Growsmart magnetic flow meter does not have any moving parts such as propellers or bearings that may break, causing interruptions in measurement and resulting in extra costs.  Plus, the magnetic flow meter will not be affected by debris.

– Superior IP68 enclosure seal
– No moving parts to replace
– No flow obstruction
– Range of sizes
– Minimal straight pipe run required
– Remote management capabilities with FieldNET
– Optional battery pack featuring longer life than most competitive models